Visiting Dubai in the UAE

06.09.20152 Min Read — In Travel

Way of Life

  • Length of Stay: 3 nights
  • Season: Summer, 2016
  • Reason: Weekend sneaky trip

Local Transportation

Uber is available, but we took several risks in requesting a ride in WiFi areas. We ended up renting a car at the mall.


No issues paying with credit card in shopping malls and restaurants, but for the souks, you will need cash.


Stayed at the fancy .

Internet & Mobile

WiFi can be found in some public areas and it’s possible to get around without a SIM card.

Other Quirks

It’s very hot. Driving anywhere requires you to “just keep going straight,” but if you happen to miss the one turn you need to take, be prepared to drive a long distance before you can find somewhere to do a U-Turn or turn around.


mall place Meat and kebabs every where. Tried to have sushi at pm on a night but everything seemed to be closed. sushi place was our attempt of curing our sushi deprivation after being in India for a couple months.


motorcycle place. Awesome flat whites. Awesome Chemex. Beautiful cars and motorcycles inside and out. Gave off an American Muscle vibe. siphon place. OK place to visit. Kind of hard to spot and get to from the highway.


the mall probably spent most of the day here because of the heat outside. gold souk. The gold is not as cheap as you’d think but it’s still an interesting experience to check out and compare prices. spice souk. Smells great and a vibrant sight to see.


Shopping and staying in air-conditioned areas. Didn’t really plan out our activities for the weekend as well as we should have.