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Way of Life

  • Length of Stay: 4 days, November 2015
  • Season: Spring?
  • Reason: Vacation

Local Transportation



Hostel Voyage in Cerro Alegre because of the art that adorns the inside and out. Prices per night were very cheap and the house crew was very welcoming and friendly.

Internet & Mobile

Other Quirks


  • La Cocó Sangucheria Artesanal: Ate here twice, because it was open late. Very cute shop with beer and wine.
  • El Pimentón: Chilean comfort food. Super cheap price for a whole pork leg. The place seemed dive-y but it had a very local vibe.
  • Artesanales Alfajores: Ring Don Sergio’s door and ask for a warm empanada and alfajor. ❤️
  • Fauna: Have the fresh catch of the day with a glass of wine under the stars.
  • Mercado El Cardonal: Indoor market with lots of mom-and-pop restaurants. The quality of the food is a hit or miss and most of the restaurants are cash only.


  • PuroCafé: Chemex and fresh-roasted beans smell divine. The architecture of the building is also cool, very Gothic.
  • Café con Cuento: Not specialty coffee but the mural of the fairy-tale prince that adorns the outside is very picturesque.



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