The Look of Confusion

27.08.20151 Min Read — In General

That look of confusion on your face is what tells me I’ve failed. I got a lot of confused looks this week from several of my grads and I am crushed. 😭 It’s a revealing experience to feel how an individual’s body language can affect me while I’m presenting to an audience. I’ve already apologized to my TWU trainers from 2 years ago for all the times I looked bored and sleepy. 😂

The goal was to present a technical concept that I found confusing when I started off as a developer. I hoped that the exercise of teaching it to a class would help me really nail it down, and it has. However, I don’t think I have learned it in a way that I can teach it to a newbie like I once was.

The more I learn, the less I know.

We do a lot of code dojos during TWU to exercise these new concepts and to get particular learning objectives across, but it’s difficult to achieve that when you look around the room and the group does not even know where to begin. A lot of them seem to be having difficulty in making the transition of understanding the concept we present to them to implementation.

I am really struggling with the overwhelmed looks on many of their faces. They are beginning to realize that they don’t know as much as they thought they did. I have a huge ladle I wish I could feed them with, but that will only hamper their learning journey.

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