Strange Loop 2014

14.09.20142 Min Read — In Conferences

I’m attending the my first Strange Loop conference this year in St. Louis, MO. The opportunity is kind of a big deal and I owe it all to the conference organizers and sponsors for allowing me to attend as a diversity scholar.

I’ve taken a few glances at the conference schedule and it’s been hard to decide which topics I want to check out. When I go to conferences, I always have an internal debate on whether I should go to a talk I know nothing about and may not understand or stick to topics I am familiar with and may learn more about. There are definitely more unfamiliar topics on the schedule this time around, so the next few days will be full of surprises.

Stephen Wolfram’s talk is definitely one I won’t miss. DOMStep? If it involves WUBWUBWUB, wobblin’, and waiting for beats to drop, I’m there. Recommendations have also helped me in choosing on Pete Hunt’s talk on React and Yodit Stanton’s IoT in Practice.

In addition, I’m attending the Powered by Javascript workshop the Wednesday before Strange Loop begins. I’ve been working with AngularJS, grunt, gulp, and Sass at work for the last 6 or so months topics with those keywords caught my eye on the lineup.

  • Joel Kemp - Using Grunt to auto-generate your Gruntfiles
  • Lukas Ruebbelke - AngularJS Application Architecture That Won’t Make You Cry
  • Mike Mikowski - Dump Less and SASS: Dynamic CSS Manipulation with JavaScript
  • Josh Powell - Unraveling the Knot - Clean & Testable Client Side Code
  • Ben Vinegar - Next-Gen Tools for Securing your Front-end Code

The next week will be a whirlwind of knowledge and I hope I can capture, digest, and blog about it all in addition to meeting and catching up with friends. To note: I’ll be sharing my hotel room with another ThoughtWorker also named Pamela from one of our Brazilian offices that I’ve never met before! I’m also excited to see my neighbor, Tomomi Imura, on the Powered by Javascript schedule. I’m even throwing in a little bowling with Lambda Ladies.

Are you attending Strange Loop? Tweet at me and let’s go to some talks together. 😁

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