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MMore Than Just This with IFTTT.

18.06.20164 Min Read — In Programming

Life in Santiago involves me being stingy with my mobile data and wandering around the city is great with some tunes that I can have offline with my Spotify Premium subscription. When it comes to…

AAutomated SnapCI Deploys with Github Pages

01.05.20164 Min Read — In Programming

I’m currently contributing to Fun Retrospectives on the “Front-End Ops” front. One thing that was bugging me before was that we were committing our directory or build artifacts on both the and…

AAmused by Jest Unit Testing

03.04.20153 Min Read — In Programming

About a month ago, Pete (@ph1) and I had a conversation about Javascript testing frameworks and we agreed that there’s not one right answer. You don’t have to commit yourself to a magical tool for…

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