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13.02.20174 Min Read — In General

I believe humans’ age-old association with farm animals provide important intangible benefits to humanity. We are better for living alongside them. Those of us who have the pleasure of being around…

TThe Look of Confusion

27.08.20151 Min Read — In General

That look of confusion on your face is what tells me I’ve failed. I got a lot of confused looks this week from several of my grads and I am crushed. 😭 It’s a revealing experience to feel how an…

MMulti-dimensional Racial Issues

19.07.20152 Min Read — In General

Last night, I experienced a sensational solo-performance for the first time at The Marsh theater in the Mission. I had walked by the entrance the week before and was intrigued by a poster for Black…

FFeelin' like a local

14.07.20155 Min Read — In General

Sunday, July 12th, marked the two years I’ve lived in San Francisco since I completed ThoughtWorks University and flew directly here from Bangalore, India. Every day spent in this beautiful city has…

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