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PPastry Report: Kantine

21.11.20202 Min Read — In Food

Next time you find yourself on top of Twin Peaks on a brisk morning wanting a warm beverage and pastry, look out on to Market Street and you might be able to spot Kantine. From Twin Peaks, the routes…

PPastry Report: Jane the Bakery

13.11.20202 Min Read — In Food

1881 Geary Blvd, Lower Fillmore, San Francisco, CA. To find Jane the Bakery, look for a building that oddly looks like an old combination KFC & Taco Bell. In fact, it is! As of writing this post, a…

VVegan-ish in Bali

31.08.201711 Min Read — In Food

With a quick glance at the recipes in my post about cooking in Bali, one might think my culinary adventures in Bali were predominately chicken-based. However, outside of the wedding and cooking class…

BBalinese Kitchen

27.08.201721 Min Read — In Food

When it comes to traveling, experiencing a new culture through its food is a given. During my search for things to do (i.e. eat) in Bali, I latched on to the description for a traditional cuisine…

CCooking with Cocco

16.11.20165 Min Read — In Food

It’s not every day I take cooking classes on a whim, and definitely not when the cost is more than what I would ever pay for a dinner, but cooking with Cocco at Izakaya Rintaro felt very special and I…

¿¿Dónde Está la Leche?

16.05.20163 Min Read — In Food

I love dairy. Ice cream, ALL the cheese, eggs, Greek yogurt — all of it. Living in Chile has made me realize how accustomed I’ve gotten to having access to pasteurized milk, and a variety of options…

MMelbourne Eggsposure

04.04.20164 Min Read — In Food

I’d like to preface this with a thanks to the series of circumstances that have given me the opportunity to make friends around the world. It’s a comfort to be welcomed with open arms when I decide to…

TTop Shelf Spice Night

01.04.20163 Min Read — In Food

The San Francisco ThoughtWorks office has a lot of foodies and food fans that like to get together for “ThoughtForker” gatherings. We took a break from our screens this week to learn about the basics…

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