Cafe Fronts: my pet photo project

12.10.20142 Min Read — In Photography

I write this post as I’m sitting in front of one of my favorite cafes in San Francisco: Front.

One of my methods of exploring London was to pick a cafe that had a reputation for good espresso or pour-overs and go! I started noticing that most of these cafes had similar aesthetics or qualities from the outside that made them stand out. Most of them had a minimalist feel and windows you could peer into to get a sense of the magic that was going inside.

So, I started photographing these store fronts, or cafe fronts, to try to capture what I saw as I walked up to another shop. For each entry, I note what I had and whether or not I had it at the cafes or to take-away. Now as I visit other cities, new cafes in San Francisco, or revisit old favorites, I try to capture these moments to keep a photo diary of my never-ending caffeine crawl.

With the power of the hash-tag, I’ve been keeping a log of these shots with #cafefront on Instagram. My goal is to parse my Instagram feed’s JSON to keep a aggregation of shots with the hashtag on a separate page as I add new entries, I’ve got something rudimentary in node and express but it’s not the best.

For now, here are a few of my shots linked to the original Instagram entry.

London, UK

Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco, CA

St. Louis, MO

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